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After reviewing the economic and market environment we offer the following comments.

September 2020

Doldrums After the Storm

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August 2020

Caught in the Balance

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July 2020

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been (and Will Be...)

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June 2020

Mixed Messages and Fast Moving Markets

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May 2020

And the Beat Goes On...

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April 2020

  • Social Distancing Leading to Economic Distress
  • Risk On/Risk Off Diffusion Index

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February 2020

  • What a Difference a Year Makes
  • Economic Indicators: Close to Neutral, but Still Growing
  • A New Decade, a New Focus
  • Positioning in 2020

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November 2019

  • Headlines — There's Always More to the Story
  • Economic Indicators: Close to Neutral, but Still Growing
  • Employment Indicators: Firing on All Cylenders
  • Monetary Policy: Accommodative
  • Yield Curve: Flattening
  • Momentuam: In Favor of Risk Assets
  • Credit Spreads: Volatile
  • What About the Geopolitical Landscape

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August 2019

  • Hitting The Gas
  • Dual Mandate Status Update
  • Global Growth Divergences
  • A Change in Policy
  • Implications

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May 2019

  • Finding the Big Picture
  • Highland Diffusion Index
  • Business Activity 
  • Consumer Activity
  • Economic Activity
  • Market Activity 
  • Viewpoint

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