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About FSA-IG

FSA Investment Group is an American Indian-owned Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”) firm that provides sound, independent advice to tribes and high-net-worth individuals.  We base our success not only on the investment returns we generate for our clients but also on building collaborative, supportive, and candid relationships that maximize the opportunity for successful partnerships.

Our team understands that tribes are a distinct class of institutional investors, driven by their mission to provide for future generations. Our deep commitment to Indian Country and passion for helping tribes achieve their objectives is the reason FSA Investment Group has become the advisor of choice for tribes of all sizes across the country. 

As a boutique investment advisory firm focused on serving Indian Country, we have built strategic partnerships that allow us to leverage the extensive research and analysis of a larger firm.  In many ways, these partnerships provide our clients with the ability to obtain the ideal combination of personalized service, attentiveness, and investment expertise. 

The FSA difference is centered around the way we serve and execute for our clients. 


We strive to be experts in our field and remain up to date on industry standards while prioritizing learning about each tribe’s unique culture and specific needs. Using this experience-based knowledge, we can help determine the best course of action for our clients.


We provide unprecedented service by transparently setting expectations, establishing consistent meeting schedules, and delivering quality meeting materials for each client interaction


We maintain the highest standards of ethical behavior by doing the right things for the right reasons. Acting with honesty and integrity and taking responsibility for commitments made and their resulting outcomes is central to the way we serve our clients. 


We are committed to consistent and transparent communication by sharing information, insight, and advice while actively listening to the needs and concerns of our clients.


We utilize consistent processes and procedures to coordinate the right mix of people and resources to achieve timely completion of client deliverables.

Our Value Proposition


Assisting Tribes with economic development opportunities through in-depth project management and financing.


Assisting Tribes with investment management solutions centered around each Tribe’s specific financial goals and risk tolerance.


Assisting Tribes with efficient distribution of per capita payments and benefits through our comprehensive Tribal Member Benefits Program.

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