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Tribal Trust and Endowment Funds

FSA Investment Group has been assisting tribes with the formation and management of their Trusts and Endowments since 2005.  Our experience and relationships with partners such as actuaries, recordkeepers, and legal and tax professionals enable us to help our clients establish these funds in an effective, timely and cost-efficient manner. These services are integral to the successful establishment and management of Trust and Endowment Funds.

  • Fund Structure and Governance
  • Investment Committee Creation and Education
  • Investment Policy Development and Review
  • Key Partner Identification and Selection Process
  • Goal Financial Modeling and Stress-testing
  • Spending Policy Development
  • Portfolio Asset Allocation
  • Investment Risk Assessment and Management
  • Manager Selection and Due Diligence
  • ESG Investment Guidance
  • Portfolio Reporting and Monitoring
  • Market Research and Updates

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